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So I went here one time over a year and a half ago to get my car fixed; I believe I got them to install a new alternator. All was well, and the price wasn't too bad.

So the next time I had a problem, I figured I'd use them again. HUGE MISTAKE. I left my car with them, and they called me later in the today to tell me I need a new control arm. I asked how much, and the price was a little high, but I told them to go ahead.

Pete ( I think that was his name, middle-aged spanish guy) called me back and said it was fixed. . Anyway, I come back in and pay, I leave. While driving, I am having the same issues as before.

I pull over, and actually call my friend who is a mechanic. I tell him I am about to take my car back, but could he look at it first and see what the heck is going on. He is in the area and stops by, he says they replaced a control arm. The upper.

But the lower one is bad. Perhaps they changed the wrong one, or they didn't diagnose that both were bad. Long story short, he rides up with me to the shop. We tell them I'm having same problems.

I wait in lobby because he says they will look right now and let me know, and he says the other control arm is bad. My friend says, well can we see the other one? How could you not see both are bad? He says they can't do that and that he needs to stay out of his customers business.

My friend says its not like that. Pete brushes him off and says hes going to fix it, but itll be charged again. So even though he diagnosed and gave me an estimate saying only one was bad, now he says both are and they neeed to fix and hes going to charge me. I get really mad and say thats ***, and pete says no need for bad language.

I say I want to see the bad control arm, he says they already threw it away.

I ask to go in the bay to look, and he says I can't do that. I told him give me my car back and shove a lugwrench up your *** and walked out.

Monetary Loss: $700.

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