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do not trust pete ladies (if that's his real name) and don't go there alone. pete is not as innocent and friendly as you may think he is.

he will lock you in the garage and proceed to assualt you. HE IS NOT TO BE TRUSTED and other woman have dealt w/ this first hand. HE IS A SEXUAL OFFENDER and will be forced to register with such a title in the coming months. Do not trust him if you are alone with him.


His "friendly" smile and demeanor are nothing but an act. Ladies beware.

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Well seems her attempt to ruin someone has failed big time.


First off, investigations take time and I am not lying. Why would I even waste my time making up a story like that?

What good would that do me? I'm simply warning those who go to the shop near closing hours, alone with no on there but the man who works there. You know nothing of this story and what happened for you were not there.

If there are cameras, that's great because I'm sure the police already have copies. I'm being patient as you should because in time you will see that I did not make any of this up.

to takingmattersin2myhand #607184

I called on the phone to see if they were interested in an auto product from my business and was told they are *** doctors not car doctors. Creepy and rude, I believe you.


:) :grin :grin

As I thought she is lying, no proof. Nothing happened. She needs to remove post, or face being sued for defamation.


I think she is being little and needs to grow up and let things go. I know they have cameras there and I will be informing them to watch them for the past few weeks.

Will then have the proof you are wrong.

Thank you.


just because it didn't happen to you, doesn't mean it didn't happen to me or someone else. if the pwc police will tell you, not sure if they will, there has been 2 complaints as of this year with him and this auto shop. so please don't tell me i'm wrong and it didn't happen, because it very well did.


To me sounds like another woman trying to get what she wants for free and then when it does not work gets the "mad woman" syndrome!! Sounds made up.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #312007


I've been comming to Car Doctor Auto Center For many years, to repair my 2002 Nissan Sentra.

Never and I repeat never have Pete Or Ken been disrectfull to me, and yes many times friedliness can be misunderstood but I assure that these guy are far from bieng what this woman is claiming.

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